Selecting the Right Water Filter for Your San Jose Home

Our experts will take the time to assess your needs and help you choose the water filtration system that is best for your home. Whether you are dealing with hard water, or you are looking for an efficient way to enjoy water that is free of chlorine, bacteria, sediment, or other contaminants, our team is prepared to help you find the right solution.

We can provide you with the following whole-home systems:

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Many homeowners in San Jose as well as the surrounding area require some form of filtration system to help treat their water supply. Most use a point of use filter to enjoy cleaner and healthier drinking water, but some households require a more comprehensive solution. This is when a whole-home water filter is needed.

MTZ Plumbing Inc. provides professional water treatment solutions that include water filtration installation services for homeowners throughout the San Jose area. We can supply you with a variety of whole-home filtration options and make sure your new system is installed safely and accurately.

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Whole-Home Filtration Systems vs. Point of Use Filters

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A whole-home water filtration system is designed to complement your main water line and treat your water supply before it goes through your faucets and water appliances—allowing you to enjoy fresh, clean water throughout your home.