Signs Your San Jose Home Needs Professional Leak Detection

Leaks that develop in your water supply lines are typically out of sight. They are often located behind your ceiling or wall, making it hard to notice. Some homeowners are unaware that they even have a leak until several days or weeks later.

Even though water line leaks can be hard to notice, you can look out for a few telltale warning signs:

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Water line leaks are often found in older properties that were constructed over 50 or 60 years ago. Homeowners living in older properties will benefit from regular plumbing maintenance and inspections. It’s a good idea to check up on your plumbing system from time to time so you can catch problems early on and avoid emergencies or more difficult plumbing problems down the road.

MTZ Plumbing Inc. offers accurate and noninvasive leak detection and repair services for homeowners throughout San Jose and the surrounding area.

Get hidden water leaks found and repaired with help from your local experts at MTZ Plumbing Inc. Call (669) 214-1535 today to schedule immediate leak detection and repair services in San Jose.

Get Hidden Pipe Leaks Resolved ASAP

Call (669) 214-1535 today to schedule professional leak detection and repair in San Jose.

What to Expect During Our Noninvasive Leak Detection Process

Our experts use noninvasive leak detection methods that will leave your property undisturbed during the detection process.

We will begin the leak detection service by determining the location of your water supply lines. This is done using a digital pipe locator. Our experts will mark the areas where your water lines are running, then go through with leak detection equipment to pinpoint the affected area.

Acoustic leak detectors rely on sound to find hidden leaks. A louder sound is produced at the site of the leak.

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Infrared cameras are typically paired with acoustic leak detection equipment to offer improved accuracy. Infrared cameras are used to track the movement of water and the water temperature.

Once the leak has been confirmed, we will discuss the extent of the problem. There might be leaking in one spot, or we may find leaks in several areas (this is often the case in older properties with deteriorating water lines). Our experts will recommend the most cost-effective solution for your home.





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