Installing New Gas Appliances? Let Us Help With Safe Gas Line Upgrades

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Work with San Jose’s trusted gas line professionals who have your safety and best interests in mind.

MTZ Plumbing Inc. offers gas line repair and upgrade services for homeowners throughout San Jose and the surrounding South Bay area. Whether you need to fix a leaking gas line or have your existing gas pipes replaced to accommodate a new appliance, our experts have all of your gas piping needs covered.

Call now to schedule an estimate in your area. Free scheduled estimates are available between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

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Enjoy Greater Peace of Mind When You Choose MTZ Plumbing Inc.

Our experts are committed to helping you get your gas line problems resolved as soon as possible. All of our services are carried out with your best interest in mind, and are guaranteed to meet local building code to ensure the safety of your home and your household.

We are happy to provide you with professional advice and recommendations on how to use your gas appliances and gas line safely. Our experts will take the time to discuss your concerns and help you determine the best solution to your gas piping needs.

At MTZ Plumbing Inc. our goal is to make sure you and your family enjoy the peace of mind you deserve through quality workmanship and an outstanding customer service experience.

Contact our experts today at (669) 214-1535 to schedule an estimate for professional gas line repairs or upgrades in San Jose.

Suspect a Gas Leak? We’re Available for Emergency Gas Line Repair